Our Services
We offer diverse and uniquely targeted disability, mental health, and community healthcare services in Canberra. We partner with primary, tertiary healthcare and NGOs across the ACT and participants and their families to create personalised plans, which cater to the needs and preferences of the individual. Our specialist disability support services in Canberra include:
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
Amplified Community Care is an experienced provider of SIL services in ACT. We believe that SIL is designed to promote and encourage independence while enabling our participants to form new relationships. It is our responsibility to find you a place to live in a suitable home. This can include livin with other people who have similar health and social circumstances to enable you to connect with others and enjoy living with friends. Amplified Community Care provides assistance with everyday tasks while working with participants to help them achieve their objectives.
Personal Care
Personal Care involves a Carer physically touching the participant such help with showers or mobility. We pride ourselves for having skilled and qualified caregivers to ensure there is full trust and safety. The participants health, well-being, and lifestyle are our priority. We understand that everyone is different which is why we offer you a broad range of home care services. We will involve the participant and families to ensure they get the support they need at home and in the community. Everyday personal care is essential to independent living at home, which is why we provide you with access to personal services including:
Community Participation
Amplified Community Care partners closely with participants and their families to create programs that include the community-based activities they are most interested in doing. These activities take place in the community and may be within a group or one-to-one with an Amplified Community Care support worker.
Our priority is to ensure every activity aligns with your interests and is suitable for your current social and communication skills. These activities take place in the community and may be:
Our experienced staff are highly skilled in working with a diverse range of disabilities, including those with complex mental and physical needs and can work with you and your loved ones to ensure all outings and activities meet your goals and needs.
Deciding on activities – We proceed to talk about the activities that could be performed and within the means of the participant. This could involve activities that could boost creativity, intelligence, physical activities or technology.
Increasing your scope of activity – We are always encouraging you to try new things and experiences which might include arts & craft, technology or fitness activities
Individual – You can choose to learn skills individually or join a group.
Day Programs
We provide day Programs that help participants with the services they need to live life to the fullest, develop independent living skills and engage in social connections under the NDIS support. Programs are tailored to every individual and they are not one size fits all.
Centre-based Programs
Amplified Community Care provides daily programs throughout the week that are focused on centre-based, group activities that encourage individual participation and choice and have a key focus on person-centred support.
Our flexible, highly skilled staff ensure your needs of social interaction, safety, personal care and overall enjoyment are fully met. We promote independence and seek to support you in developing a variety of social and life skills. We refer each participant to programs relevant to their needs.
We will support you to improve skills such as ACT road ready, using public transport, positive communication, budgeting, online CIT short courses such as white card and food handling.
Our disability day program are designed for participants to achieve maximum independence and happiness in their daily life. Our programs are tailored to the individual, with activities designed to promote physical and emotional well-being, social skills, leisure interests, and vocational training.
At Amplified Community Care, we strive to empower individuals with disability by providing the resources and support necessary to lead self-determined lives.
Support Coordination
Our support coordinators work closely with you to help you identify your needs, access personalised supports and make sure you are matched with the right services under the NDIS. Along the way, we will support you to develop the skills and confidence you need to manage your NDIS.
We recognise that it can be challenging to navigate the NDIS and put together an individual plan. Our support coordinators assist you to navigate your plan and work with you to find the most appropriate service and provider.
You and your support coordinator work closely to identify needs, personalise supports and make sure you are matched with the right services. Along the way, we support you to develop the skills and confidence you need to independently manage your NDIS plan. During our Support Coordination meetings, we will: ​
Allied Health Care
Our Allied Health Care professionals include occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, social workers, psychologists and Allied Health Assistants. They work as a team to take a closer look at what you need.
The Allied Health Team provides client-oriented care that brings all allied health together working towards the same goal. Our effective allied health plans are clinically proven with multiple benefits to every participant, bringing together multi-disciplinary ideas on the client needs. Our Allied Health staff are experienced in developing positive behaviour plans.
Behaviour Support
Have you ever felt like people are judging you for how you behave? Do your thoughts get in the way of being able to control your behaviour when needed? Many people with psychosocial disabilities struggle to regulate their behaviour due to an illness or disability. It may be difficult for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you may not have the support needed from family and friends. Our skilled and experienced Allied Health staff will assist you with positive behaviour support plans. This means you will have a more regulated experience and can continue enjoying all that life has to offer minus the stigma and the discrimination that may be attached.
Mental Health
It is important to highlight that mental health is not a fixed state of mind. As individuals, our environment and experiences are constantly changing, challenging our ability to cope. Similar to our physical health, there are times where it is at optimal levels and, at times where we become unwell, injured, and need to change certain aspects of our lives to improve our physical and mental health.
At times people often struggle to find professional help which is accessible. There are many types of factors that may affect your mental health like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. These all have varying forms of treatment based on your individualised needs from cognitive behavioural therapy, medication and talk therapies like CBT and DBT to treat effectively. We offer support with highly experienced professionals, which allows you to be comfortable in an environment designed for your needs. Amplified also provides emergency mental health services for crisis situations and daytime phone support for when you need someone to talk to when you can't or don't want to be on your own.
When we experience mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and others – it may impact our ability to function. That’s when Amplified Community Care comes in with its vast expertise in aged care dementia, complex drug and alcohol and mental health practice.
Medication Assistance
If you are on more than one medication, it can be difficult to remember when and how much of each pill you should take. Of course, there is a definite danger in not taking your medications as prescribed since they could be playing an integral role in your staying healthy. Our nursing and trained support staff will assist in making sure you’re able to take each round of pills and just how many with no hassle for you at all. It makes it easy to stay on top of things and maintain health from the inside out
Development Life Skills
It can be hard and frustrating to develop life skills. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of living a life without limitations and barriers. Believe it or not, there are skills you can learn that will empower you to live your life with more fulfilment. And it does get easier as time goes on. These skills can be learned in many different ways, such as through classes and workshops where we teach you how to cook and clean for yourself, do your own laundry, make friends, create an itinerary for your day and even find work when you are ready. What's really important is finding what works for each individual! It's about learning how to develop new habits in order to create a better lifestyle. We all need help sometimes and Amplified Community Care is here to provide it!
Community Nursing Care
At Amplified Community Care, majority of our senior staff are qualified nurses with vast amount of experience in the community, acute, surgical, mental health and disability nursing. Our am is to help you recover from home, treat your chronic condition in the comfort of your house or one of our supported accommodation houses.
Our Community Nursing service provides: